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Dr. Mahendra Wanigasekara,
B.D.S (Sri Lanka); D.M.D (Canada)

Dr. Mahendra graduated from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, taught there in the early 1980s and took a post-graduate internship in oral surgery.

After coming to Canada, Dr. Mahendra studied at the University of Winnipeg and received his degree in dentistry at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Mahendra has an extensive background and education in orthodontics and TMJ. He also has studied intravenous sedation techniques at the University of Pittsburgh, and has taken extensive continuing education training in orthodontics in Canada, U.S., and Australia.


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General Dentistry


Perio (Gum) Surgery

TMJ and Oral Sedation

Orthodontics (Braces)

Wisdom Teeth

Endodontics (Root Canals)


Read what our patients have to say about us...

I was referred to a specialist to extract my very difficult four wisdom teeth by another dentist to go to Winnipeg, but I went to Dr. Mahendra in Altona. He took all four wisdom teeth including two hoizontally impacted wisdom lower molars under local anesthesia. I was so afraid before I went to him. He did an excellent job. The specialist asked me to go under general anaesthesia, but I could save a lot because I went to Dr. Mahendra and he did it under local anaesthesia. I recommend him to anybody to go for any dental surgery.

G. Froese

I was diagnosed with TMJ and went to see Dr. Mahendra, after having tried receiving treatment unsuccessfully from multiple other specialists/dentists. He is very careful and very professional. If anyone out there is suffering with TMJ. I urge you to come and see him. It changed my life and I don't need to deal with that pain anymore. Give him a call, I am glad that I did.

D. Desrosiers

Two orthodontist's and dentists told me that I would need surgery plus remove teeth in order to put my teeth into place with braces. Dr. Mahendra made my teeth straight without the need of surgery of any kind.

B. Wall

Had been having headaches 24 hours a day since 2015. Went to see Dr. Mahendra and was fitted with an appliance for my problem. The next day I had no more headaches. Wore appliance till end of treatment. Enjoying life without headaches.

S. Ayotte

I had daily headaches. Once I started treatment to re-align my jaw, my headaches completely disappeared. I finished the treatment many years ago and my headaches never came back. It's great!

G. Ayotte

I suffered from headaches for over 20 years. I went to several places to get treatment without a cure. It got so bad, I had to go to the emergency room multiple times. After visiting Dr. Mahendra, he successfully diagnosed me with ENT and TMJ. After having ENT surgery, I returned to Dr. Mahendra, and he was able to treat me for my headaches, that have never returned since.

Erandi Wijesinghe (Sri Lanka Community Manitoba)

Suffered from headaches for 40 years, it was costing me $36/day in headache medication. I was treated at HSC, and referred to Ontario for treatment for my sleep apnea. I went to several places and never received a cure. Myself and my wife visited Dr. Mahendra. He gave me an X-Ray, and diagnosed that my headaches were coming from my jaw joint. 2 years after treatment, I now never have headaches, no longer use a CPAP machine and am free from medications.


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